The Pup Who Cried Wolf (Animal Tales)

מחבר/ת: kURTZ, CHRIS;

Lobo is a tiny Chihuahua with a big dream-to join a wolf pack. When Lobo's owner takes her pets on vacation to Yellowstone National Park, Lobo thinks he'll finally have the opportunity to find his wolf-brothers. But he doesn't count on a strict park rule that will keep him on a leash! With the help of his endearingly quirky family-a smart Spanish-speaking parrot named Glory and a wisecracking white rat named Heckles-Lobo finally slips his leash and gets a chance to run with the wolves. But is the wild really where a feisty little five-pound pup belongs?

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מחברמחבר/ת: kURTZ, CHRIS;
שם כותרThe Pup Who Cried Wolf (Animal Tales)
מס' מיוןס
סימן מדףKUR
סוגאנגלית לנוער
תת-סוגאנגלית לנוער
זמן הוצאה2010
זמן הוצאה(עברי)[תש"ע]
מקום הוצאהNEW YORK
שפה1 – אנגלית
תאריך קיטלוג29/7/2019

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